Twin Cities Media:

"For those that came later, they missed some great music. Hollow Cry is a Metalcore band from Spain and has been together since 2010. They were a great start to the night."

Loud Hailer Magazine:

"They put on a short, but blistering set that had several asking who they were between songs. I think they gained some new fans tonight judging by the reactions."

Metal Titans:

"I was glad I got there to see this band, they had a ton of energy and really got the crowd going for what was to come. This was a great start to the night. Great set, and by looking around the room, they had the full attention of the crowd. Great music and well put together. I will be checking them out again when they come through. Sadly not everyone is going to have that chance to listen, as they were only on a certain part of the bill. But damn, I was lucky enough to witness Hollow Cry."

Metal Nexus:

"They were quite explosive with songs like “Procrastinated” and “Last Call.” Although they base their sound within the metalcore structure, they fuse elements of speed and classic heavy metal with melodies that are memorable. It was a short set but Hollow Cry left its mark to the Skyway Theatre crowd and they are a band to keep an eye on."


"I can appreciate the band's effort and dedication to delivering a solid performance. If you're a fan of bands like As I Lay Dying or Killswitch Engage, check them out!"

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